Indulge yourself in the scent of rose and toasted almonds, a taste of fresh strawberries and watermelon, a sense of surprises and contentment, an experience that will be unforgotten.

A few years ago, our founders arrived Australia. Very much inspired by the local pastries,one of them, an amateur pastry chef, decided to recreate some of the local delicacies with an Asian twist. The adaptation of the Watermelon Strawberry Cake turned out to be a big success. Though there were certain resemblances with its Aussie origin, the ingredients and recipe were cleverly tailored to adapt Asian appetite.

The baking of this very first Watermelon Strawberry Cake planted the seed for the later blossom of LIFETASTIC.

When the first Watermelon Strawberry Cake was baked, little did the two founders of LIFETASTIC knew where this delicate piece of pastry would lead them to.

At the beginning they shared this cake with friends and family and they realised the more they could share, the greater the joy received. One with strong sense of taste and flavours, one with thriving business mindset, the founders’ characterological difference complemented each other. The idea of starting a business to share this delicious recipe with a bigger crowd began to lurk in their minds.

As they returned to Hong Kong, they actively seek out opportunities and they finally found the perfect cradle.

Every gravel that constructed LIFETASTIC today was evidence of their hard work in making a dream come true, or rather, just to test out this adventurous idea in their heads.

LIFETASTIC finally set foot at the Western District of Hong Kong, near HKU Station.

Not only was Watermelon Strawberry Cake the reason for a queue outside the store, the diversity of their menu, the appearance, the aromas and the tastes of their food also attracted admirers from all around the city.

Since the introduction of their membership programme, they have accumulated over 5,000 members; and up till November 2018, Openrice bookmarks has reached 11.6k. With regular membership offers and constant updates on Facebook and Instagram, LIFETASTIC is ambitious in drawing more attention so that more can share the joy. 

In July 2018, LIFETASTIC fans welcomed the opening of the pop-up store, LIFETASTIC Patisserie at THE ONE, Tsim Sha Tsui. Since it’s grand opening, it’s been offering quality layer cakes to new and old customers alike. On top of LIFETASTIC’s signature Watermelon Strawberry Cake, 8 new flavours of layer cakes were introduced to take the lead. Pandan Black Rice, Mango Passion Fruit and Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake just to name a few of the favourites.

That’s not it to LIFETASTIC’s expansion. In October 2018, LIFETASTIC Patisserie at The ONE moved into a permanent store at Shop L406, Level 4. A high-end cake and tea experience that’s not like any others, a representation of another big milestone for LIFETASTIC’s continuous development.

At almost the same time, LIFETASTIC promoted its new store at Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, as a symbol of quality layer cakes to-go.

LIFETASTIC is keen to improve customer’s dining experience, as well as to discover new flavours and become the best trademark of HK’s approach to baking and dining. While Watermelon Strawberry Cake remains as its signature, the company will continue to explore the possibilities beyond. And each and everyone of you will always be its inspiration and motivation.

Signature Watermelon Strawberry Cake

Watermelon Strawberry Cake fans love the surprise they get when they bite on the juicy watermelon layer in between the rose-scented cream and almond layers. The texture, flavours and aromas simply strike a perfect balance and the cake is just so insta-worthy!

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